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From simple PayPal ‘Buy Now’ buttons to fully integrated ecommerce platforms with multi category options, physical and virtual product channels, hundreds of attributes and geo-location shipping with variable cost, we’ve seen it and built it.

Ecommerce software can be a website of its own or an integral section of a main company website. We consult to understand our client’s needs and recommend a solution to best suit, typically including advice on payment gateways and methods of shipping, terms and vendor responsibilities.

There are too many good ecommerce platforms to list so examining your needs takes priority in order to reach the most logical and suitable solution.

Digital Marketing/Newsletters

An important SEO requirement of today’s websites is the inclusion of social media and digital marketing initiatives. We will help establish your social media accounts and introduce you to a social media professional should you prefer not to manage your own online media.

We create eye-catching banners, graphics and info-graphics for use in bespoke targeted marketing campaigns.

We produce newsletters from single page documents to multi-page online magazines – we create your regular and periodical adverts, special and seasonal offers.


We use page-by-page SEO software during an initial website build, which ensures best practice on a ‘from start – going forward’ basis however, SEO is much more than creating the right meta-data & using the correct ‘H’ tags..

Information pages, social media, links, named images and page titles all play an active part in promoting a website within the leading search engines.. and that’s if the web developer has remembered to submit his/her client’s website to Google for indexing..!

SEO is initially included with our website builds but SEO is constant and progressive, we recommend continuing to develop SEO by an ongoing contracted arrangement.


With hosting comes access to email accounts. Each website hosted with Jmez Media has unlimited ability to create one or a hundred email accounts, from a few ‘generics’ such as [email protected] or [email protected] to personal mail accounts for management of an entire staff.

Email includes the ability to set auto replies and remote log-in to check your mail anywhere in the world.

Set up on the server, clients can choose between imap or pop3 spam-filtered accounts or externally, we will provide access to Microsoft Exchange Server. Whichever way, individual mailboxes are secure and expandable.

Look, Feel & Training

We know what is technically expected of a website – and with consultation, we seek to understand how our clients want their website to look and what functionality and content they need.

In some cases we are simply told ‘make us a website’ but mostly it is a collaborative effort in which the client’s ideas and priorities remain paramount.

Where possible we use our own in-house created photographs, video and graphic design, ensuring each website we build is as bespoke as it can be.

Website Management.

Once a website build is complete we offer a range of options to help maintain the site, keep the software & your content updated.

We can provide training for clients’ wishing to self-manage their web content and for clients requiring our services we offer various options from ‘ad hoc’ management per task, to contracted semi-managed and fully-managed services – all transparently targeted and results based.

Please see here for terms.

Website Health Check.

For Jmez Media and third party built and hosted websites we will examine and ‘score’ your website based on its user appeal, design and content.

Our report displays the positives and negatives found, including suggestions for improvement.. and an overall ‘rank’.

If you are competing in a busy marketplace, this is an invaluable tool to ensure your website stays optimised, technically up-to-date, fit for purpose and ahead of the competition.