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Logo & Branding – the difference explained

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Branding begins with a strapline. (Straplines encapsulate what your company stands for. Some notably famous straplines include;

“Probably the best lager in the world”
“Because you’re worth it”
“Think Different”
“Never knowingly undersold”

Within some creative agencies there is a trend away from using straplines, the common excuse used being that ‘your brand shouldn’t be tethered by a single phrase’… though we believe this has more to do with laziness and the perceived difficulty in writing unique virgin text which makes sense across a range of commercial activities and products many modern brands encompass. We believe a good strapline is well worth the research and effort because ‘getting it right’ brings lasting recognition.

Creating your brand is;
integrating your logo into a design, colour-scheme and written message that is used in every communication. Everything from the website to packaging and promotional materials and adverts should represent your brand and be used constantly, reminding the public and potential customers of your existence, your products, services and business ethos.

Amazingly, many companies fail at the first branding hurdle – using unbranded email i.e [email protected]… great for btinternet.. not so great for your company.! Your website will have your domain name i.e.… so your email accounts should all use the domain too. [email protected] [email protected]  [email protected] and so on. Jmez Media will set up as many domain named email accounts as your company needs.!

Implementing a start-up business logo and brand identity is straight-forward.. as the process is a direct introduction to market utilising the new logo, text and designs that have been created… the only way to go is ‘up’. Introducing a ‘refreshed’ brand and logo requires a little more consideration, especially where the new branding is very different from the old… where a process of combining existing branding with new is sometimes necessary for a period of time.

In building a small business or corporate identity, the process is largely similar. ‘Recci’; Research – Experiment – Confirm – Create – Implement.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]