Welcome to your private storage locker area.

All the graphics (pictures), PDFs and videos we have produced for you are stored here to review and download as you please. Service fees are waived to existing Jmez Media clients. 

All ongoing Jmez Media work on your behalf will automatically be uploaded into your personal storage locker for proofing, prior to print or publishing.




What’s inside..

Your locker is divided into two sections. The first is your images galleries (where most file sizes are relatively small – select what you need & download). The second section is for your PDF files & videos (the latter may have considerable file sizes). If you download a video, we recommend using a desktop computer & fast broadband connection. If you should encounter any issues i.e. a ‘timeout’, please contact us immediately.

If you experience any issues logging in or downloading files,
please contact us by message or telephone. We’re always happy to assist.

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