Project Description

Websites, Domains, Hosting and Management


Responsive, optimised and media rich. That’s our criteria.

We’re aware potential clients and competitors scutinise our work, that every new website we design doubles as a standard bearer for our imagination and innovation.

So whilst your website says a great deal about you, it also says a lot about us and getting it wrong isn’t an option.

The process is simple.

Listen to the client – suggest solutions and examples – agree and develop – test and publish.

Domain Names

New websites/domains: Please discuss with us the domain names/s you prefer for your website prior to purchasing through a third party or including a domain name purchase when incorporating your company.

Existing domains: Dependent on existing client hosting/domain name location/multiple-domain-to-website, please discuss with us prior to making any DNS changes.


FYI. Websites have to be hosted on a web server. We provide a choice of premium web hosting accounts including shared and individual user accounts and cloud hosting services. Choice of hosting is governed more by requirement than quality and we will advise on the best option for you. (All hosting options are scaleable and transferrable).

A client may opt for cloud services or an individual user account to benefit from more server space and faster content delivery which would enhance a media intensive or busy ecommerce website. It also allows for greater email account allocation.

Where a website is less media intensive and fewer email accounts required, simple shared user hosting is perfect, fast and scaleable.

Don’t worry, we’ll let know what we think you need.


Successfully managed websites are self perpetuating marvels, generating enquiries and sales, encouraging visitor activity and in doing so returning higher search engine rankings.. generating more visitors, more enquiries and more sales..

Encouraging returning visitors with fresh updated content is key.
Maintaining core web files and optimisation tools is key.

It can take a deal of time but the benefits of a highly ranked, busy active website are undeniable..

Jmez Media provide tailored website management via service level agreement, from ‘all inclusive’ to ‘cherry picked’ to ‘fully client managed’.
For your information, 97% of Jmez clients opt for all inclusive and/or cherry picked management.

Very few clients possess the technical knowledge or have the time to fully manage their own content and server files.

The majority of our website management customers choose from one of the following options:

  1. Ad-Hoc Management Agreement – pay as you go
  2. Monthly Management Agreement – agreed set of monthly hours paid monthly
  3. Annual Management Agreement – agreed set of monthly hours paid annually

Jmez Management Agreements encompass the following:

  • WordPress and plugin updates
  • Small copy changes
  • Image changes
  • Adding or editing information
  • Updating links
  • Fixing errors and faults
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Adding new pages and features


We’ll gladly provide tuition for clients and staff nominees in respect of managing content editing and creation, ecommerce operation, gallery handling and similar modules, enabling clients to effectively manage specific areas of their websites.