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Start-Up Packages.

Eximius, Praestabilis and Summitatem.

Three comprehensive packages for new business start-ups, fixed budgets and new clients, providing the essential ingredients required to launch your business or refresh a dated company profile.

Media rich marketing is essential in promoting your services, becoming visible and attracting sales enquiries.

Our fixed price packages are a great way forward and will mark the start of a longer term strategy.

Company Logo and Branding.

Logos are created based on client ideology, their product and service range and prospective market-place. After client consultation, Jmez Media produce a series of themed designs, finesse the preferred choice and prepare resolution ready version for use on stationery and product branding, on banners and hoardings and for online purposes such as website and social media.

Initial branding strap line.

Company Stationery.

With a company logo established, Jmez Media will create client headed paper, up to ten named business cards, compliment slips – invoice forms and associated forms (up to eight), presented ready for print.


Jmez Media’s print partner companies specialise in all forms of printing, from simple printed stationery to shop hoardings, estate agent boards, van and truck vinyls, banners, brochures, leaflets and catalogues. Using print partners as we do, ensures the right printer for the right job.
N.B. Print costs are variable and not included in start pack prices. Where a client has their preferred choice of printer, we are happy to oblige.


The first advert.! Can be text or graphic based. Jmez Media will create the key graphic if necessary or use image/s supplied. The logo and strap line is typically included along with whatever message needs to be carried.

We will produce the advert in portrait or landscape mode as required and will supply (resolution) versions for intended use in both print and online media.


All Jmez Media websites are fully responsive (for desktop PCs, Tablets and ‘phones)

Our preferred build platform is currently WordPress (we will build via Drupal or Joomla or even our own RipeWebsite Manager if specifically requested). Client websites are not size restricted.

All Jmez Media websites are hosted on Jmez Media web servers (see here)

For Eximius sites we require clients to provide their own text content and any additional images they want to use in their website. For Praestabilis and Summitatem websites, Jmez Media Media will research  and create client product/services text content (up to 5000 words).

Links to social media and external websites (where required) are standard and each website is made ready for public view.

Domain Name & Email

Domain Name. Jmez Media purchase & register client domain names (i.e. where required. We take care of attaching the domain name to the website and submitting the domain name to Google search engine for indexing.
N.B. Purchasing domain names is subject to their availability at the registrar.

Email. With a domain name and Jmez Media web hosting comes the ability to use email. (i.e. could use or personal mails such as james@ or Gill@ etc). Jmez Media do not impose any limit to the number of email accounts created or in use.

Social Media.

Jmez Media set up client social media through a selection of options. Typically we include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and will create the respective accounts. There are many other social media options which, depending on client requirement, we can assist with. We recommend to a third party agent should you wish your social media accounts to be fully managed for you..

In every event we link social media accounts to the client website and will submit starter posts to each media.